NANFA-- Request for information, St Johns River Florida

Doug Mainor (
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 05:37:18 -0700 (PDT)


Looks like in about 2 weeks I will be attempting to
take a Boy Scout Troop out to the St John's River
Plain, specifically the econlockhatchee River systems.
My purpose is to:
1. Get the boys interested in Native fish and
2. Keep them grounded and out of trouble.
3. Use it as a potential Fund Raiser for the troop
IE: Auction off fish via Aquabid.
4. Give them an understanding of native versus Exotic
non-Indigenous Species and how they can wipe out
native populations.
5. Perhaps get them to keep natives.

Can Nanfa Support this? Are there any publications or
brochures available? I will of course talk their ears
off, but a good read is always good. Also has anyone
collected in the Little Big Econ State Forest or can
you give me pointers. (I know, no feeding scouts to
the Gators!!) Nets will be at a premium, but if
anyone desires to help donate anything, I am sure we
can write a receipt for a tax write off. If not,
information is the most precious commodity and would
be of great help.
Our intention is to collect for a few hours, I will
bring along a 10g or 20g tank so that we can show off
the fish, keep any exotics caught for their home
aquariums for for me to auction off and send them the
money, or to put the fish back into the system where
we found them after giving the kids a chance to look
at them. The Tank and any articles in it will be
sterile so I won't risk introduction of Desease to the
river system.

Thanks for the time and any support.

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