Re: NANFA-- Grass Carp, American Flag Fish

unclescott (
Sun, 15 Jun 2003 16:13:52 -0500 writes:
> << In the aquarium the Florida Flag Fish is the best know algae and plant
> eater. >>
> Flag Fish eat plants as well as algae?

Oh yessss!

If they are hungry and haven't been fed some veggie flakes, crushed peas or
what have you, they can be pretty destructive of plants you really wanted to
keep around. (A Murphy's Law factor there too.)

I once got the bright idea (a couple of decades ago) of putting together a
couple of the temperate zone killies in a 15 gallon tank just carpeted with
Hygro. (Yep, I knew Hygro. polysperma was an Indian plant, but you use what
you've got.) In went a small school of Aphanius mento (who will clean house
on some shell dwelling cichlids), a couple of pupfish, and a pair of flag
fish. A week later the pupfish had taken up residence on the far side of the
tank, the mento were hiding behind the box filter, about 4 leafless stalks
of Hygro remained standing. The pupfish dominated the middle of the tank,
burping, picking their teeth and telling off-color jokes..

I would know now to feed them heavily on veggie foods or not to put them in
such a set up.

Experience is often the best teacher. Just wish it didn't charge such a high

All the best!

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