NANFA-- Thanks Casper...and NANFA!

Christopher Scharpf (
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 14:16:25 -0400

We just received the Convention poster that everybody signed, wishing us and
our new critter well. We are overjoyed that you commemorated our absence
from the convention in this way. And, Casper, we are immensely touched that
you went through all the trouble and expense of making this poster and
mailing it to us.

It is HUGE!

Let us say that again.


It's so big we barely have a surface in our house big enough to roll it out.

Heck, it's not a poster. It's a billboard!

Do we even have a wall big enough to hang it? How DO we hang it? Getting it
framed would require a second mortgage! Any suggestions, Casper?

(Note: Hey, Casper, guess which shirt Dad was wearing in the delivery room
when William Albert was born? Hint: It featured a topminnow and a map of

We felt horrible missing the convention and not being able to hang out with
our NANFA friends, old and new. But we feel lucky and blessed to have such a
big and healthy baby (who's sleeping in a Snugli around his Daddy's chest as
these very words are being typed).

We were thinking of you all convention weekend long. The fact that you were
thinking of us makes us feel very special, and very honored to know you all.

Thank you again, Casper, for the magnificent surprise. And thanks to
everyone who signed it.

We will cherish it forever.

As soon as we get gone building the extra wing to house it.

Stephanie + Chris
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