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> Southern Madtoms probably would not do well in a tank much more than 900.
I would have to agree, 900 degrees is a little too hot, my point was that not
all madtoms need cold water. Normal tropical temps in the mid 70's are fine
for many species. Far too many people seem to think that native fish must be
chilled to the low 60's and below. Summer water temps here in the 80s are the
rule not the exception. I have swam in lakes so warm it was possible to over
heat while swimming! In the winter many of the natives from where the summer
water is warm almost go into a torpor as the temps drop below 50. Where a fish
comes from is important when judging it's water temperature needs. No fish needs
to be kept in 90 degree water or even 80 degree water but many people seem to
think that tropicals need very high temps and natives need very low temps. We
need to change these paradigms. I have found that most fish both native and
tropical do best at temps from 68 to 78 degrees. many natives need a temperature
dip to bring about breeding but do well at more normal temps other wise.

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