Re: NANFA-- July TFH / Jonah's Aquarium
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 22:16:59 -0400

At 10:42 PM -0400 6/17/03, Jeffrey Fullerton wrote:
>Addendum to my Update post- saw the article on Jonah's Aquarium and want
>to congratulate Mark Binkley for having the courage to take the plunge-
>figuratively speaking - and maybe have a shot at gaining America's
>native fishes the recognition and admiration they really deserve!
>A pretty good list of some really awesome species.
>I look forward to visiting or at least ordering some in the future!

Hey, Jeff, thanks for the good words! Let me know if you have any
overstock you want to wholesale :)

While I'm at it, I should also thank all those NANFAns and
NANFAns-to-be who generously shared their convention cash and
unburdened us of all those books and dipnets. We had to hustle to
keep up with all of you, but is was really fun and encouraging to us.
Thanks for supporting a fellow native fish nut.

And, since I've been busy trying to catch up following the
convention, I haven't expressed our appreciation for Bruce and Casper
and everyone who helped put the Huntsville convention together. You
have succeeded in keeping the string of excellent shows going and
maybe even raised the bar a little. I ran myself ragged just trying
to get all that enjoyment packed into one long weekend. Left me
wanting more... after I finally caught up on a little sleep. And we
enjoyed meeting all you folks whom we have emailed and telephoned
over the past few years. Now I can really know who I'm talking to
and feel like there are friends out there.

I know you were tired by the time Sunday arrived, Bruce, but rest
assured your effort was well spent and you deserve to relax and enjoy
the next one. Casper and Ranger Bob were still out there sprinting
down the river on Sunday trying to find one more blotched chub for
me. That's what I like, fish hunters who never know when to quit!
Pierre was fishing right up until minutes before he had to leave for
the airport. Hope those fishes made it on the plane OK.

I'm still dreaming of that magical riffle on the Sipsey Fork that
threatened to keep us mezmerized well past the Borden creek, the
banquet and into the night. And hearing Mark O's and Casper's
snorkling reports makes me want to take a year off and spend it face
down in the creek.


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