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Heh, heh, heh, You boys are sooooo funny. I learned something tonight. The alt + 248 ASCII symbol shows up on this server as a 0 rather than a degree sign. It was a calculated risk when I did it, I knew it, and as in the lottery and all other forms of gambling (legal or otherwise) I lost! You got me.

I would guess that for most madtoms even a little salt would be BAD. I don't know what species you're looking at keeping but a good general rule of thumb is look at the environment. Fish coming out of cool quick moving streams in Appalacia or the OZarks are not likely to be salt tolerant. Likewise, fish in warm slow moving streams, especially running near the Gulf Basin or Coasts will be more salt tolerant.

And to further clearify my previous statement... I have no fish that have been conditioned to survive at 900 degrees Kelvin, Celcius, or Fahrenheit. I tried it once but had a difficult time keeping the water in the tank.


Sajjad Lateef wrote:

--- wrote:

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<< > Southern Madtoms probably would not do well in a tank much more
than 900.
I would have to agree, 900 degrees is a little too hot >>

Every time my tanks get up to 900 degrees, I have over a 50%
mortality rate
on my fish. Kills most of the algae and some of the snails, too.

When the temp of a tank reaches NINE HUNDRED degrees in either
Centigrade, Farenheit or Kelvin scale, then I doubt if there is much
water or living tissue left.


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