Re: NANFA-- Harvesting Mosquito Larvae Question & nets

Todd Crail (
Sat, 21 Jun 2003 10:46:00 -0400

Yeah I have this thread slated for my library archive. We'll see when I
actually get to it (I have 3 sitting there now related to rearing foods ;)

A question... My county seems to be at war with the lil' buggers. They have
billboards all over that say "Fight the Bite!" and "Mosquitos Can Kill".
I'd like to spray paint in this nice open section on the billboard "And
what? The automobile you're in right now can't?" Anyway, enough of that

They're spraying like mad. My understanding of the spraying in suburbia
is... Beyond 10' of the sprayer, the attrition in the potency of the spray
is substantial enough that it will not kill much of anything (it's more of a
PR move with our money grrrrr). But the poison is still there, and in
enough force to make everything sick. Which makes the infected an easy
charlatan meal for birds and bats and lacewings and fish in my pond and I
hate it when society is so short sighted. Clean out your _at_#$ gutters if you
want to make a real difference. ;)

What I'm really after tho... I wonder what types of bio-accumulative effects
I would have in my tank from the spraying, if I were to set up tubs to raise
larvae at the furthest point from the streets (~200' on either side)? The
spray would obviously get there in some diluted form, as I have street in
front and then to my back neighbors front, and they make two passes down
each street, one for each side.

Any thoughts on this?

Thanks :)

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> Wow! Once again, the NANFA listizens come through with the goods!
> Thanks, guys for all the great comments. I never thought of using
> egg rafts to produce fry food. That's a great idea. A live food
> vacation feeder! There has to be a marketable product in there
> somewhere :)
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