RE: NANFA-- Heterandria formosa (gold)

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Sat, 21 Jun 2003 20:29:38 -0400

Chuck wrote in part:

>> Finally, on the web auction site
>> there is a guy in California who is selling what
>> he calls "Gold Heterandria formosa". He says that
>> they are a true breeding aquarium strain ---
>> unfortunately the photograph that accompanies the
>> description is pretty fuzzy so you don't get a
>> great idea of how the fish looks. Has anyone
>> here ever seen these or purchased a pair from
>> this guy?

The vast majority of the wild Heter I see here in north central Fla are
quite gold on top and white below ... in fact, when I catch them elsewhere
and they're a drab browny-olive with smudgy black markings I say "eeeyeeeew,
ugLEEEEE !!!" and throw 'em them right back.

Haven't seen your guy's particular variant, but a high school buddy of mine
once had 300 or 400 hundred gold Heter in a 100+ gal tank under incandescent
lighting (really highlights the gold), and it was really a very special
sight !!!


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL
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