Re: NANFA-- Electricity and thinking aloud...

Todd Crail (
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 15:07:47 -0400

Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions... :)

In looking for some wire, I found my little yellow recepticle tester
thingie. At one of the junctions on the line where the 30 gallon was
plugged in, I dropped the ground. Not sure how, will investigate. So what
I ended up doing was taking off the connector thing on the ground probe, and
wiring it in directly with the ground line in a junction box on another
known good circuit. Viola, no more stray current (even on the I-beam ;) and
the fish all start acting like normal. Color is back, breathing has slowed,
everybody seems happy. I will prolly have to give one of the SRBD's an
antibiotic/antifungal bath (he's a bit of a furball right now), but that
seems to be the nasties for now. It's amazing to watch that issue
disappear. Course when you think about it... I'd prolly look funny taking
30 volts continually too ;)

I also hardwired the other two systems in as well. The dace in the 75
native system look normal again. There must have still been some stray

Then I checked out all the water params in the 75 rainbow tank (which I
hadn't done yet). The nitrates were pretty high (~50 ppm) so paired with
getting this electricity issue resolved and a nice 30 gallon waterchange,
things should be back jammin' here shortly.

Ich is such a fabulously designed stress alarm. ;)

Oh, and Shane's not kidding about that EMF. I've seen up to 10 volts come
off flourescents :)

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