Re: NANFA-- Electricity and thinking aloud...

Todd Crail (
Thu, 26 Jun 2003 22:51:40 -0400

It's a totally different tank right now Martin :)

The fish are regaining even color, stopped breathing hard, started acting
like normal. I don't know if you saw it or not, but the recepticle this
system is on, lost the ground somewhere in the circuit. Once I wired the
grounding probe into a junction box's ground on a known good circuit, things
started to relax.

Same song and dance on the 75 native tank.

This isn't the first time I've seen this, and I've heard the "now you have
current" argument before. All I have to return is the anecdote that "you
get it to 0 A/C and all the bad stuff just goes away".

The 75 rainbowfish tank, well 50 ppm of nitrate wasn't helping anything.
Not sure where that all came from (could it be the ounces of food? ;), but
have it down to 25 ppm and will hit it again Sunday.

Thanks again for all your help in helping me walk through this one List. :)

> I'm 95% sure it's electricity. But I wanted to type all this out so it
> would be clear in my mind what's doing what... And possibly run into
> someone
> else's thoughts as they would be very appreciated to be voiced :)
> I am very curious to see whether this solves your problem. I have never
> been convinced (i.e. I've never seen credible evidence) that the stray
> voltage phenomenon affects fishes in aquaria. A lot of people recommend
> ground probes, which seems to me would CREATE an electrical current
> through the water.
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