NANFA-- TFH photos and soapbox

Fritz Rohde (
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 09:49:21 -0400

I was flattered to have some of my photos used by Chris Scharf in his
excellent article in the recent TFH magazine but there are some errors
in localities on three of them. The pygmy sunfish (p 68) was from
Wakulla Springs, the sailfin shiner (p72) was taken in the South Fork
Edisto River, and the Savannah darter (p73) was taken in Savannah
Branch, a tributary of the Edisto.

If I followed a recent thread correctly, there is some interest in
crossing species to accent certain color combinations. For a number of
reasons, we should stay totally away from this. Keeping and breeding
native fishes is still in its infancy, especially the breeding aspect.
Let's focus on that. But don't mix populations from across drainages.
In some of the DNA work I've been involved with, we're finding as much
interdrainage variation within a species as we are between species.
This is evident in such common species as tessellated darter and creek
chub. Let's enjoy our natives for what they are - not what we might
create. And if I misinterpreted other's comments, I apologize.

Fritz Rohde
Wilmington, NC
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