Re: NANFA-- TFH photos and soapbox

Kevin (
Fri, 27 Jun 2003 11:06:21 -0700

No offence intended on my part, I was not trying to suggest that you are or
would be guilty of that. I just put that out for any other possible newbies
that might be out there as well as me. Coming from a background of African
Cichlids, Lake Victoria is an excellent (or Horrible) example of what can
happen when non native fish are introduced into other waters. Honestly, I
was not accusing you or any others.

Since we are on the subject of non-native fish, I have a question. Is the
Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris) native to Florida and Texas? I know that you
can catch them in both places, but I believe they are indigenous to South
America Aren't they?

On 6/27/03 12:44 PM, "Mysteryman" <> wrote:

> Get off your soapboxes, everyone.
> I of course already know all these things, and I'm rather insulted that
> ya'll seem to think otherwise. Did I not SAY that it would normally be
> abhorrent?
> I haven't even released any of my Flagfin broodstock or their fry into
> the original collection site.
> They are kept in aquariums in a wholly different room from all my other
> fish, and are housed in tanks that have never been used for any other
> species. The equipment and supplies used are also completely dedicated
> to the Flagfins. Cross-contamination of genes or diseases is pretty much
> impossible. I'm a responsible fishkeeper. Why you think I would release
> hybrids is beyond me.
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