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> They have a keen killer-instinct just like their larger, more aggressive
> cousins: the Micropterus species, that includes the basses of North
Yeah, I'm surprised someone hasn't bred seven pound Warmouths, five pound
red-bellied sunfish, ten pound crappie, and 25 pound bass to stock in pay lakes
so you have to fight your way back to shore. It might be nice to have normally
pan fish start to average in those ranges, maybe 15 pound green sunfish or
blue gills It would make water skiing naked a little more interesting, I had a
green sunfish tear a mole off my back one day, There was this sharp pain and
suddenly the water around me was red with blood. I was almost sure a piranha had
got me and I was in NC! And once the blood started to flow all the little
sunfish started to chase me. I felt lucky to make it back to shore. Now if that
green sunfish had weighed 15 pounds and all his buddies had been in that range
there would have just been an article in news paper about a skeleton found at
the edge of a local lake!

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