Re: NANFA-- One of those conversations...

mark (
Mon, 30 Jun 2003 20:23:06 -0400

At 1:53 PM -0400 6/29/03, Todd Crail wrote:
>...Yes indeed, we found a localized dense population of the brook stickleback.
>Right about 150 feet from where Mr. Z lays his head to rest every night.
>Further sampling revealed 9 species, among which, mudminnows were found, and
>are another species of fish Nick has been looking for. Amazing. With all
>my ditch experiences lately, I will never look at a stream as too small or
>too degraded. It's worth jumping in, no matter what you do or don't find.
>We're suspicious that there's also grass pickerel in there as well. I
>wouldn't be suprised to find tadpole madtoms. We'd only sampled about 30-40
>yards of it, and there wasn't much of a change in habitat. Seems Nick is
going to be a little bit busy creating some for future excursions...

Hey, that's really cool! Especially the mudminnows, which are only
found in certain specific habitat types in Ohio. You should report
the collection list to Ted Cavender at OSU. Did you enter it in the
NANFA Collection Report Database or whatever we're calling it?
Sounds like a little more exploration is in order: Is this stream an
isolated headwater that feeds into a highly degraded stream,
down-flow, or does it feed into a larger urban stream with even
greater diversity than might have been expected. I'm available later
this month. Let's check it out.

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