Dave Neely (
Tue, 02 Nov 1999 15:56:56 CST

Bruce, and others...

>Wants- freckled madtom,speckled madtom Orangefin madtom or basically >any

The orangefin madtom is under consideration for, if not already given
Federally Threatened status. It also has State Threatened status in

If it doesn't matter what madtom you get, why even ask for something that is
in trouble? While there is some disagreement over whether the James R.
population is native (and thus deserving of protective status), this is
still a legally protected species. Over half of all Noturus taxa are in dire
straits (especially the subgenus Rabida- saddled madtoms with strongly
toothed pectoral spines). There's also evidence for several undescribed
taxa within the group (ie., the "elegans," "stigmosus," "albater," and
"munitus" complexes), most with very small ranges.

I'm not trying to bash you for asking, I'm just not sure how it reflects on
NANFA as a professional society to be asking for listed taxa for pets,
without evidence of the appropriate permits... even after the disclaimer
from NANFA at the top of the list, as well as the list of state and
Federally listed taxa on the NANFA home page.

Just my two cents... and btw, I can get N. leptacanthus and/or N. funebris
(both common AND non-imperiled) for you, if you are interested.


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