NANFA-- conservation/amatuers

R.W.Wolff (
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 18:51:20 -0600

No offense taken. you are on the mark. I know what you are talking
about. anytime an "amatuer" wants to propagate any of these rare fish for
any reason the answer is no, basically " your too stupid to know all the
ins and outs that go into population dynamics". Since money drives
everything, and it is illegal to make money breeding these fish, the only
people who are left are the ones that are facinated by these species. who
else would voluteer time and effort for free to do this? It's time that we
all work together to help out the species that need it, and have an open
line of communication.

I know it is not realistic to expect that all the historic ranges can be
replaced. Fish like killifish, shiners, and sunfish ( probably others I'm
not familiar with) all reproduce in great numbers, there is no excuse for
them not to be back in the black. I believe that someday this will happen,
when attitudes change about the native aquarist and their motives. it is
obvious that plenty of people care about these fish, this resource should
be tapped.


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