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Jay DeLong (
Tue, 9 Nov 1999 15:58:25 -0800

There's a web page at that advertises a
video documentary called THE ALLIGATOR GAR: PREDATOR OR PREY? On the second
page is a picture you have got to see.
That's a HUGE fish! I've read they can weigh up to a ton and be almost 20
feet long, although no one has ever captured one of that size.

In the section on projects (,
they advertise:
An ongoing national public television series focusing on the ancient
freshwater fishes of North America. There were three initial episodes in
the series, all produced, written, directed and edited by Betty Wills as
"The Alligator Gar: Predator Or Prey?", narrated by David Henry
"The Paddlefish: An American Treasure", hosted by Alex Cord
"Sturgeon: Ancient Survivors Of The Deep", hosted by James Drury
All three episodes were award-winning broadcasts. "The Alligator Gar" was
the number one rated program of the evening for Houston PTV (2 years in a
row), and Detroit PTV during the competitive July sweeps.

Has anyone seen any of these videos?

Jay DeLong

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