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Sun, 14 Nov 1999 09:44:00 -0500

Winter's here, and its reading time. I have no formal scientific
background, but a great curiosity. We have a population of rainbow
darters in this region (southern Quebec). They're a long way from any
other population I know of. They also go back the the 30s in French
language literature, (and don't make the range maps in English sources).
I'm not looking to collect the fish, as its a small population,
"hopefully" soon to be listed as threatened (info I got from this list).
However, where it is on the French-source maps is connected to northern
New York State/ and probably Vermont. My idle mind is wondering if it is
a relict population, or a long established introduction. You know,
enquiring minds and all...
Does anyone on the list know of rainbow darters in New York State, along
the southern side of the St Lawrence river?
I've checked range maps, etc, and the internet resources I could find.
If you were an interested amateur with no contacts in the scientific
community, where would you start looking for info on this population?
Gary Elson
Verdun, Quebec

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