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Here is my file on fish food suppliers. There is a website and toll free for

I haven't updated this stuff recently to check accuracy.

<A HREF="">Click here: Bio - Aquatics<

look a source for frozen foods....

>the web address is
>once again i have no commercial interest in this company, they have quite a
>good selection and most prices are hard to beat
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Date: 9/1/98 9:56:22 PM US Central Standard Time
From: (Basil J. Miller)
Sender: BRINE-L_at_UGA.CC.UGA.EDU (Brine Shrimp Discussion List)

You ( or those seeking BBS) can of course hatch thier own in
about 18 hours. Or you can get rotifers and zooplanton from . Basil

Subj: Re: Brine Shrimp Hatchery
Date: 10/6/98 10:28:33 PM US Central Standard Time
From: BigMat55_at_AOL.COM (Michael Taff)
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<A HREF="">Culturing Brineshrimp</A>
<A HREF="">Live Food Links</
A> <A HREF="">Live Foods</A>
<A HREF="">L. F. S. Cultures</A>
<A HREF="">Tropicals
MicroWorms Page on the web</A>
<A HREF="">Brine
ShrimpDirect is your Direct Source for...</A>
<A HREF="">Jones' Fish Food Page

Here are a few links for brine shrimp and other foods that will be suitable
including microworms and vinegar eels.
Subj: Cultures
Date: 9/7/98 9:43:50 PM US Central Standard Time
From: (Mark Binkley)

>I need a price list for infusoria, paramecium, and micro worm cultures.
>I'm London based and will ned to know if they ship this far.
>Unfortunately, my need is very small - this isn't gonna be a million dollar
Try Carolina Biological, Ph 800-334-5551

Subj: Re: Looking for a source for vinegar eels?
Date: 1/4/99 6:04:45 PM US Central Standard Time
From: (Bill Hickman)

I haven't tried them yet but High Prairie Farms does offer Vingar Eel

Good luck. ill Hickman mMascoutah IL.
Hi Robert,
An other source on the net is Daleco
though they are more expensive then some other sources.
> Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 11:40:54 -0600
> From: Robert B Montgomery <>
> Subject: Looking for a source for vinegar eels?
> Hello Everyone
> I am looking for a source for vinegar eels and was wondering if anyone
> could help me out on a source.
> Thanks in advance.
> Robert Montgomery
> Manager of Computer Services
> Phone 272-3683
> Date: Mon, 4 Jan 1999 18:19:31 -0600
> From: "Bill Hickman" <>
> Subject: Re: Looking for a source for vinegar eels?
> I haven't tried them yet but High Prairie Farms does offer Vingar Eel

BTW, yesterday I accessed Mike Reed Enterprises' website
( They sell frozen foods, flake foods and live
foods from their website and also advertise in the major fish mags. I
noted that they sell the same 2 lb lots of redworms which are up for bid
in the NFC E-auction (about 2000 worms in 2 lbs), which can also be used
for composting of food scraps for recycling purposes. However, they
charge FORTY BUCKS ($40) bucks for the same amount of worms, and
shipping charges are extra. All four of the current bids are only half
price of the retail value of the worms, so bidders might want to
consider upping the ante a bit.

Every once in a while people ask for a source of live food cultures. Kieth
has a web page to supply cultures to aquarists. I have used his cultures and
found him to be honest, helpful and prompt. you can reach his site at:
Subj: Re: NFC: Mysid Shrimp
Date: 1/24/99 7:25:50 AM US Central Standard Time
From: (Segeberger)

-> Sounds like something I would like to have, if you find a source let
-> me know.

-> Moon
here is a source for mysid shrimp,

Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 16:50:52 GMT
From: (Segeberger)
Subject: rotifers, freshwater

You can get freshwater rotifers from Florida Aqua Farms.
_at_, they sell cysts or live. They
do charge extra for packing and shipping "live' adds about another $15.

Alternately, sells a starter culture and
a mixed freshwater microalgae kit you can culture to feed the rotifers.

Wet Thumb Aquatics sells both live and frozen foods.

"Gregg's Cultures
811 Monteray Way
Newport, TN 37821"
I was well satisfied with this source.

Subj: Culture Supplies
Date: 2/14/99 11:15:45 PM US Central Standard Time
From: (Jon Garner)
I thought that I would drop a line about a business that I have been dealing
with and am very pleased with them. It is a family owned business and they
orders on the day that they are received. They have a catalog in Adobe PDF
format that you can download. They carry almost everything you need to
or raise anything as a hobbyist, school or commercial business. Their address
is . They have a book "Plankton Culture Manual" which
a huge source of information on culturing micro algae, rotifer, artemia,
copepod and daphnia. I am in no way connected to this company, just a very
customer.Jon Garner
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1999 17:05:34 GMT
From: (Segeberger)
Subject: Live Mysis

Mysis, live can be purchased from----->
Good luck :).

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From: Barry Thoele
Sent: Thursday, February 18, 1999 8:43 AM
To: Jay DeLong
Subject: Re: [acn-l] Habitat diversity macroincertebrate

We sell most invertebrate species native to MN, We sell enormous amounts of
gammarus lacustris, hyalella azteca,as forage for fish and wildlife and raise
a token amount of invertebrates or toxicology studies. A more detailed list
can be veiwed at

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 1999 12:20:06 -0500
From: conwayte <>
Subject: Re: Live Foods Digest V2 #412

>Is anyone using Drosophila hydei as a live food. I am planning on ordering
some. I know that they are supposed to be larger then Drosophila
melanogaster, but how much larger? Any other info would be great also.
I am using them, I got them from Ed's Fly Meat,

They are bigger and have some capablity for flying/jumping.

Live foods? Well how about a source of brine shrimp eggs?
<A HREF="">Brine Shrimp
Direct: your Direct Source for p...</A> Then there are places you can get
information about live foods and buy
<A HREF="">Starter Cultures!</A
> <A HREF="">Aquarium Live Foods</A>
<A HREF="">Aquaculture Supply Home Page</A>

<A HREF="">carolinabiological</A>
<A HREF="">The Burrow</A>
<A HREF="">Food</A>

Subj: Microworm Cultures Available
Date: 6/18/99 6:55:43 AM US Central Standard Time
From: (Dwight Moody)

I have microworm cultures available for sale. Microworms are free-living,
non-parasitic roundworms, which are like white worms, only much smaller
(around 1/16 inch). Microworms do not need to be kept cool and thrive in
warmer temperatures found in fish rooms. Microworms are an ideal food for
fry, providing a living food item that can live in the aquaria for days,
providing a food source that is readily available in between feedings and
eliminating the problem of decomposing food. Microworms are particularly
favored by small Corydoras catfish fry.

These microworm cultures come in large 8 oz recycled containers which
contains 2-3 oz of microworms and culture media. These cultures contain
Gerber's Baby Cereal as a culture medium, which has more nutrition and
significantly less odor than other cultures made with yeast and cornmeal.
The cereal not only significantly reduces odor, it also provides superior
nutrition to the worms, which in turn provide high nutrition to the fish, as
the level of food value of live food depends greatly on the quality of the
food they themselves eat. All cultures come with instructions on how to
maintain thriving colonies of microworms sufficient to keep your fry fat and
happy. Free technical assistance is available by email.

Price for single cultures is $5.00 each; 2 cultures, $4.50 each; 3 or more,
$4.00 each. Payment by money order or cashier's check preferred and will
get your order shipped the same week it is received. Personal checks
accepted, but orders will be delayed for 10 business days after receipt to
allow the check to clear. I cannot accept credit cards or debit cards at
this time. Shipping for US addresses by First Class or Priority Mail on
single cultures is $1.65, shipping of 2-3 cultures, $3.20, 4-6 cultures,
$5.40. Larger quanities or non-US addresses: please email for information.
My email address is:

Send orders to:

Dwight D. Moody
12 Wellington Street
Barre VT 05641

The following are web sites from which you can obtain live food cultures: Live Cultures page of Daleco
Master Breeders Products L.F.S. Cultures (Email: for culture list)

Salt water mysids are routinely cultured by a number of people and used in
toxicity testing. Here is a URL where SW mysids can be obtained------> fama ran an article on how to raise them
few years is much easier to feed your fish the frozen variety hehe

Subj: Re: (Questions on sale and raising)
Date: 8/29/99 12:40:37 AM US Central Standard Time
From: (Randy Reed)
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Take a look at our website ( and at We produce marine microalgae that can be used to
grow copepods, rotifers, brine shrimp, and other types of zooplankton. By
using our algae you will get fully enriched zooplankton that don't need
artificial enrichment.

Randy Reed

Subj: NFC: blackworms
Date: 10/14/99 9:42:36 PM US Central Standard Time
From: (robert a rice)
To:, Killietrader at, jim_williams at

For those interested in live foods sells live
blackworms as low as 4$ a pound check em out on their

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