Re: NANFA-- Olympic Mudminnows???

Jeffrey Fullerton ("tcmajorr" at at
Wed, 24 Nov 1999 10:02:15 -0500

A dozen or two could easily found a population. If I has access to captive bred
offspring from a breeder outside Washington or surplus from a zoo or public
aquarium I would set up a pond just for them and distribute the progeny far and

The State of Washington is foolish for controlling this species so tightly. Being
that it is so limited in distribution and sitting on the Ring of Fire. Like the
Komodo Dragon , a major volcanic event could snuff it out in a matter of days.

This is a major problem in herpetoculture too, though most rare taxa are well
represented in private collections. The only problem with aquisition is when you
happen to live in a state within the range of a listed species. Ironically states
are harder to deal with than the federal goverment- the latter seems more willing
to grandfather or allow private individuals to work with these taxa. Many of
these archaic laws were written when exploitation of wild populations was the
norm. Now we have made lots of advances in husbandry of fish , reptiles and other
fauna the laws should change to reflect this reality.

Maybe the only way to get things changed is for native fish enthusiasts to join
forces with reptile hobbyists, aviculturalisats and others to promote legislative
changes and simply go over the heads of the wildlife people if they are not open
to discussion. Unless we now live in a totalitarian state, these agencies must
still comply with the rulings of an elected legislature.


Jay DeLong wrote:

> I hear ya, Ray, but it's frustrating. These laws apply to all wildlife in
> the state. No one ever said that nongame fish specifically could never be
> removed from the state. But they got lumped in with bighorn sheep and bald
> eagles and such, and the laws have stayed on the books for years. The
> people at WDFW are not open to discussion on it. Or rather, the people who
> are sympathetic don't have any clout. Hopefully with time things will
> change.
> Jay DeLong
> Olympia, WA
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> > Here here Jay. I don't understand why ( say for sake of discussion) you
> > got the permit, did everything by the book, spawned several
> > hundred hubbsi,
> > and then wanted to give, sell, trade these offspring with George, or
> > myself? I guess I am just a idiot for thinking something as
> > simple as that
> > could work. anyway, who will care when the bulldozer comes??? I know I
> > will, even though I havent been able to keep them, but maybe a
> > dozen people
> > who might have seen them in my display tank or pond wont. the more names
> > on a petition to stop the ( made up for sake of discussin again)
> > bulldozing, the more likely it would be stopped. And maybe the impact of
> > people from other states signing the petition would have a greater impact
> > on what the out come would be when they turned the ignition key on the
> > dozer.
> >
> >
> > Ray
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