Re: FW: NANFA-- Olympic Mudminnows???

Shireen Gonzaga (
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 16:25:04 -0500

someone said:
> These laws apply to all wildlife in
> the state. No one ever said that nongame fish specifically could
> be removed from the state. But they got lumped in with bighorn sheep
> and bald eagles and such, and the laws have stayed on the books for
> The people at WDFW are not open to discussion on it. Or rather, the
> people who are sympathetic don't have any clout. Hopefully with time
> things will change.

someone else said:
> Maybe the only way to get things changed is for native fish
> to join forces with reptile hobbyists, aviculturalisats and others to
> legislative changes and simply go over the heads of the wildlife
people if
> they are not open to discussion. Unless we now live in a totalitarian
> these agencies must still comply with the rulings of an elected

These wildlife agencies are not made of arrogant dolts who routinely
common sense. State and federal wildlife agencies, along with all
that produce intangible long-term benefits, are chronically underfunded
politically under-represented. So if they have policies that don't make
well, that makes sense.

Almost everytime these government and state agencies are mentioned on
this list, it always seems to be in bash mode. I guess few notice the
works they do. Having volunteered at a wildlife refuge, and having had a

chance to follow some mid-Atlantic states trying to work together on a
particular fisheries issue, I've come away feeling sympathetic towards
these agencies. Sure, there are some bizarre regulations out there, and
of these folks don't have the best of people skills. So they piss you
But look at the big picture. On the whole, they're doing pretty good.

By all means, *do* lobby your legislators. But when doing so, don't
forget to praise the good work that has already been done by these
They need our support as well as our criticism.

- shireen

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