Re: FW: NANFA-- Olympic Mudminnows???

Dave Neely (
Fri, 26 Nov 1999 20:42:44 CST


Do you believe in UFOs and conspiracy theories, also? Just how much money do
you think gets put towards endangered NANFs? If we're going to slam the
USFWS, lets at least do it for something they actually do wrong- pump money
into "cute fuzzy" projects (eg Florida panther, red wolf, timber wolves in
Yellowstone, CA condors, etc), and distribute the little bit left over to
the other 1000s of species that need help much more urgently.

The only money to be made in endangered species work comes from the big
companies that are worried about their investments- they'll pump HUGE
quantities of money to unscrupulous politicians and biostitutes that flood
newspapers with misinformation, sneak wacked-out lawyerese into regulations
and appropriations bills, and then try to discredit the real science that's
been done. I sincerely hope you aren't one of these slimeballs.


>I think you have to separate the individuals who are working to protect our
>fish from the legislators who see endangered species as a way of
>appropriating money to live from and share in, lets face it endangered
>species are big bucks. Sure there are lots of people who work hard to
>protect native habitats, just as there are those who want to split hairs in
>applying regulations meant to maintain the precarious habitats of some of
>our rarer fish. There is a money trail both in the making sure something
>remains endangered as there is in enforcement of regulations that have run
>amuck of the intended ideal. For every bald eagle that makes it off the
>list there are many more that never will because the varied interests all
>too often work at cross purposes. EG most of the Cyprinodons are
>remarkably easy to breed and maintain in captivity, yet a highly restricted
>couple of refuges held very tightly in the hands of a few, make sure there
>will never be an overabundance of these fish and forever endangered and
>there for eminently marketable as endangered species.

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