NANFA-L-- fish ethics/ need help with a fish

Traci Greve (
Sat, 1 Apr 2006 21:07:38 -0800 (PST)

There was a short thread the other day about the
ethics of photographing and collecting fish. I thought
I would give my opinion on the subject as it pertains
to my fish problem. I believe that a fish is a life,
and is therefore worth respecting. In collecting a
fish from its natural home (or even buying it from a
store) we have a responsibility to fufill all of its
needs, for its whole life. For instance, you shouldn't
bring home a fish that you can not possibly care for
until it is full grown. I think that it is the
fishkeepers responsibilty to select fish that can live
together in the environment that they are able to give
them. On the occasion that a fish gets sick, either
medicate or painlessly euthanize.
If anyone disagrees, this is only my opinion.
And having shared my views, my problem. I work-in-a
store that sells fish. I was brought in a parrot
ciclid (yes that mongrel hybrid type) today that has
had his top jaw (the premaxilla) partially ripped off
by a pacu. It is a fairly large, beautiful specimen
otherwise and would easily be "adopted" if it can be
fixed up. As it is now, the fish can't eat. The bones
are protruding and the skin is hanging down. Would the
fish be able to learn to eat without this part of its
mouth? Should I just take it all off? I would feel bad
to euthanize the poor thing if it has a chance. Any
ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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