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Is that the fish I gave you? You better not kill that thing :) How
big is the fish? How big is the tank? I have seen them stop eating.
Seems like sometimes it's seasonal. Sometimes they are unhappy.
Definitely go with the clean water thing. If you are feeding
crayish, and they are not being eaten, then they should still be
hanging out in the tank. Those and live minnows would be a good
choice to keep in the tank, so if they don't get eaten, they won't
rot and you'll know what has happened to them... as long as the tank
is covered tightly. Live grass shrimp would be good too. What kind
of filtration is on the tank? Let me guess -- all natural? :)

He is about eight inches long maybe ten, he was eating good up until this
fall. The tank he is in is so full of growing plants it's difficult to see if he
has eaten or not. I have been feeding him mostly large earth worms. It
wasn't until I started to feed him crayfish that I noticed the crayfish weren't
being eaten so I dug him out of his lair and to see what was up. He was in a 45
gallon cube tank, I switched him to a twenty high so I could keep an eye on
him better this week. I fear he is not going to make it. I have never seen a
catfish so skinny and he seems disorientated maybe I'll catch a bunch of
small blue spotted sunfish and see if he will eat them. Do you think soaking some
crayfish tails in vitamins might help? It seems to odd to have to baby a
catfish, most of the time they grow like weeds and eat everything in sight. Oh
yeah, I have been using a sponge filter along with a heavy growth of live

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