RE: NANFA-L-- Central Mudminnows in WI - aquarium companions

Doug Sharp (
Sun, 9 Apr 2006 11:23:49 -0500

Thanks for all the words of advice. Sounds like mudminnows will be a nice
starter fish for someone who hasn't kept a tank in 30 years. I definitely
liked the attitude of the mudminnows in the photo tank - alert but calm.

Do they have any big preference for gravel/sand?

I'm going to set up a 30 gallon tank populated with fish from the lake I
live on.

Here are some candidate fish I've found in my lake:
Fathead minnow and various other shiners and minnows I've yet to identify
(I'll post pictures and ask help in IDing them.)

I'm going to make a real effort this Summer to find some of the other small
fish living in the lake. I'd love to find Johnny or Iowa darters and any
kind of killifish.

The lake had a sand and loam bottom, 40 acres large, in a hummocky glacial
wetland region, with 2 beaver lodges, otter, loons. It's 20 feet-in-the
deepest, has a large marshy area, partial lily pad cover in the Summer.

I'd love to have NANFA visitors. I'm a computer game developer who works
from my cabin, so I'm almost always home. I've got a spare bedroom and 11
acres of campable land including a cool little island. Lots of types of
water around from trout streams just North of here to big lakes to the St.
Croix River. 1 1/2 hours to the Mississippi. I'd be happy to pick up people
at the Mpls. Airport, too.

Martel Lake:,+WI&ll=45.547713,-92.185206

I mean it about visitors. This place is heaven.

Doug Sharp

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> The secret to getting mine to eat prepared food was to place it in the
> filter overflow in one tank and directly above the airpump outflow in the
> other. The food was immediately swirled through the tank and they
> responded very well to the movement. I didn't use it often as I had good
> supplies of larvae from mayflies, caddisflies, and midges. Admittedly and
> expectedly they responded to and grew much better on the live foods.
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> > I've kept mudminnows from wisconsin before as well. They will accept
> > all kinds of frozen or fresh foods, but they will not eat flake.
> >
> > I just kept mine in hard, alkaline water in KY and AZ and they did
> > fine. I never had them breed, but then again, I wasn't trying.
> >
> > I usually keep mine in well planted tanks because that's what they
> > were living in when I caught them.
> >
> > Geoff Kimber
> > fredericksburg,va
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