Re: NANFA-L-- Less than stellar luck. :(

Mysteryman (
Tue, 11 Apr 2006 12:28:41 -0700

Irate Mormon wrote:

>Say, where was that waterfall, anyway (looks-in-atlas)? Bassett Creek
>looks interesting.
No, not Basset, although Basset does look interesting. Verrry
interesting. Welakas & Taillights have been collected-in-nearby Gosport,
and Pigeon Creek isn't anywhere near as welaka-friendly as Basset. Of
course, by welaka-friendly I mean virtually inaccessible & swampy.

Silver Creek is where you'd find the waterfall. Almost exactly dead
east of Vashti,-in-that little place where the creek comes close to the
dirt road, there is a little picnic area, and that's where you'll find
the falls. I really wish I had taken a camera. I think that some of the
fish I saw there were Taillights, but I couldn't catch the little
buggers. Next time I'll take different types of equipment.
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