Re: NANFA-L-- euthanasia

Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 14:47:51 -0400

No, it's not, and freezing works really well, although spousal discoveries can
be one of the negatives in that situation ;) And many times, a fish is too
big to bag and fit into a freezer. We all don't have chest coolers.

As for all the fuss... I use a "method" more so about mindfullness in what
_I'm_ doing, more than anything else. If I'm going to preserve a specimen, I
think it's more ethical than just dumping them into alcohol or formalin, and
consequently the only people I've ever flatly suggested using clove first WERE
academics. But other than that, I could really care less how anyone else
kills their fish when they need to... It happens and that's that. Nobody told
anyone they had to do anything, I certainly hope it wasn't taken this way.

Although... That paper bag method is gonna backfire on you one of these days,
Martin. I suggest you upgrade to plastic before someone gets impaled by a
spiny dorsal ;)P


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>I hate to say it but is all this complex stuff really necessary to kill a
> fish? I just put fish I want to kill in a plastic bag and freeze them. When
> think of all the fish I've killed while fishing by using them as bait or
> them I sometimes wonder why I even go that far. Not to mention all the fish
> that have died in transit from the collecting site or even from the stress
> the net. I do try my best to keep my fish alive both while collecting and
> while keeping them but is anything really going to be stress free when
> a fish? Freezing them seems as stress free as anything I have seen
> here.
> Moon
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