Re: NANFA-L-- I'm blogging fish; really.

Mysteryman (
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 21:20:35 -0700

Sinclair wrote:

> Todd and All:
> Those of us who lives in parts of the coutry with a paucity
> of species suitable for home aquaria would appreciate the
> inclusion of specific map coordinates (DeLorme maps,
> preferably) in collection reports - for future reference on
> occasional trips. At least I know I sure would.
> Bob Sinclair
> Santa Barbara CA
I'd like it too, and it would really be great if we had a big database
for that info.
We've seen too many times that the bad guys seem to have little trouble
accessing the info found on this list. A few sites have been seriously
trashed by these unscrupulous types already, and if they got ahold of
something so handy as exact coordinates, well, the results wouldn't be
pretty. It's better to keep such info quiet, shared only individually
instead of broadcasted.
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