Re: NANFA-L-- creating levels with rock work

Derek Parr (
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 23:15:24 -0400

Are rocks really that much more heavier than water?
why not just use rock and gravel?

seems like potential dead space could be problem if there isn't any
movement into the areas under any boxes.

-derek parr
chapel hill, nc

Mike Austin wrote:

> Hello folks, I am trying to put together another fish tank and was
> trying to think of ways to create different levels in the aquarium
> using rocks...without placing too much weight on the bottom. One
> thought I had was to place on one end of the tank (or where ever)
> plastic sweater boxes. On top of these I would place the large
> foundation rocks (which would keep the plastic from floating) and, on
> top of these rocks I could place smaller rocks to create the desired
> look. The sides of the sweater boxes could be hidden with smaller
> flat stones and of course, gravel would be added last and poured over
> most of the arrangement. The goal would be to create a change in
> elevation without all the weight...also, sorta provide a cross
> sectional image of a stream. Any thoughts on this or better
> ideas...or problems with what I have proposed...(is there a problem
> with the void that would be contained within the sweater boxes)...I
> hope I explained this well enough. thanks Mike
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