NANFA-L-- Turtle relocation WRT fish relocation - semi OT but not

Irate Mormon (
Wed, 26 Apr 2006 22:44:29 -0500

>From the MSU website.

Although snappers and soft-shelled turtles can be effectively trapped
using underwater, baited traps, it is seldom necessary to remove these
species from a farm pond. The more aggravating species are the
"baskers," which often crowd together in large numbers on stumps, logs,
or other structures projecting above the water surface. By taking
advantage of this trait, these species can be taken by trapping with a
trap-box in the area turtles normally use. With such a trap, the turtles
crawl up onto the top of the box and then fall into the trap, where they
are collected and can be removed to other locations.

I am wondering, since most folks here agree that fishes should not be
returned even to the water from which they are taken, if this would not
also apply to turtles? I realize that turtles can travel-in-will
between bodies of water, but does that mean that we can relocate them
without care or worry?


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