NANFA-L-- Is it ethical to keep Olive Nerites (Nerita Reclivata) in a Fw

Harry Thames (
Fri, 2 Jun 2006 21:10:31 -0500

I am referring to the article on these snails in the latest publication, I
have a few of these snails in my 40 gal tank and I mentioned on a forum that
they would not reproduce in the tank because they are a brackish water
snail, I had one reply that stated that it is cruel to keep these snails in
fresh water and that I am slowly killing them. I started thinking about it,
I do see advantages to keeping these snails, but is it unethical??

Lake Shelby in Gulf State Park, AL. after Hurricane Fredrick (1979) had a
large numbers of Redfish caught out of it for years after. I was about 7 or
8-in-the time but I can remember a conversation my father had with a guy who
was electro-shocking in the lake the man told us that the redfish had been
washed into the lake by the hurricane and the fish would live just fine but
they could not reproduce in fresh water. Is this the same sort of thing
with these snails?

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