NANFA-L-- False sturgeon alarm
Fri, 9 Jun 2006 01:05:14 EDT

Well, guys as I feared the shovelnose sturgeon for sale was a false alarm.
The sturgeon they sell is the European sterlet. NC has outlawed sales of this
fish and I wonder how the list feels about sterlets being sold as aquarium
fish. They are exotics that can live in American waters and from what I
understand they reproduce quite easily in captivity but I'm not sure how this would
relate to a fish released into our waters. could this be the carp of the
sturgeon world? In nature they do live-in-the edge of brackish water and
freshwater and don't do well in captivity unless lots of salt is added to the water. I
hate to say it but I don't feel very good about this fish being sold as an
aquarium fish, I am the first to defend keeping exotic fish but this fish if
it lives would almost certainly outgrow most peoples aquariums and as we all
know many people mistakenly release their too big pets into the wild. I think
it's too easy for it to become established in the wild here.

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