Re: NANFA-L-- Photos of fish from Cummins Creek, 60 miles

Dan Johnson (
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 08:34:30 -0500


I've actually worked pretty hard-in-photography in the past, mostly
reptiles and plants. I started out lazy with fish, but finally decided
to break out the studio equipment for some of my most recent pictures.
I'm using a softbox rather than on-camera flash. The reflections on the
sunfish were driving me crazy. See comparison here, . At this point I'm
relatively happy with the exposure. Getting the color balance right is
a little tough. This digital camera is trying to be smart, and works
well with the on-camera flash, but not so well with the softbox. A
little research should help I'd think. Were you referring to exposure
or color? Photos can appear different on different monitors.


Irate Mormon wrote:
> Dan, it looks like your getting a handle on the photography thing! One
> thing that may help you is to buy a Kodak grey card. Put it in a Ziploc
> bag and immerse it in the tank where your subject will be. Lock in your
> exposure using the grey card - that should help even out your exposure.
> There are other ways to do the same thing, but low-tech has always
> worked for me!
> -Irate
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