Re: NANFA-L-- Gasping for air

Scott Davis (
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 13:31:58 -0700 (PDT)

Another question, like Derek's, just floating ideas...or fishing for explanations.

Could your water department have changed what it put in the water. Might they have jacked up the chlorine dosage? If they only put chlorine in before, could they have begun adding ammonia (= chloramine)? Maybe something else (a buffer to limit erosion of the lead pipes? ironically phosphoric acid to build scake on those pipes?) could have been put into the mix, some of it burning gills and reducing breathing capacity?

You would certainly not be the first skilled aquarist to have things go wrong for reasons of that sort. Call your municiple water people. Maybe check with that Skeptical Fishkerrer who writes for TFH?

By the bye, in the U.S. they have to send in periodic reports to the EPA. Those are often pretty detailed in terms of what is in the water. Ask nicely for a copy - your tax dollars-in-work.

I'm in awe of the 75% water changes, but would two 32% or three 25% changes, offer less disruption of "the system"? (I'd be thrilled to do any of those numbers.)

Is there a way to see if there are gill flukes or if the Praziquante worked? Burgess, Bailey and Excell have suggested that persistent gill fluke infections can be treated with a formalin bath or sometimes with the anti-parasitic drug Toltrazuril. Resistance to anthelmintics, it is suggested, is much lesscommon than resistance to antibiotics.

All the best,

Scott, in no way a chemist, Davis

Derek Parr <> wrote: probably a dumb question... but is the water too warm?
-derek parr

Bob Bock wrote:
> Hi all. My lone Poecilia salvatoris female gasps air-in-the surface
> whenever I shut the filter off to feed the fish in that tank. A few
> of the juvenile P. velifera that I have in the tank with her have
> started doing the same thing.
> The fish eat well and seem healthy otherwise. I don't think water
> quality is an issue as I do a 75 percent water change on the tank
> weekly.
> I was thinking it might be some sort of low level infection of the
> gills. I've treated that tank with prazipro, but without much
> success.
> Anyone have any ideas?
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