RE: NANFA-L-- Photos of fish from Cummins Creek, 60 miles

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Primarily the exposure. But if you know what a softbox is all about
then I doubt there's much I can tell you about photography that you
don't already know. One thing that may help with reflections is to use
a matte-black mask for your camera. In other words, a piece of
cardboard painted black with a hole in the middle just big enough for
the lens to poke through. You may also find that direct flash (2 angled
inward-in-45 degrees to the focal axis) shows the fish's color better
than the softbox. For what it's worth. The fun is in the


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>I've actually worked pretty hard-in-photography in the past, mostly
>reptiles and plants. I started out lazy with fish, but finally decided
>to break out the studio equipment for some of my most recent pictures.
>I'm using a softbox rather than on-camera flash. The reflections on
>sunfish were driving me crazy. See comparison here,
> . At this point I'm
>relatively happy with the exposure. Getting the color balance right is
>a little tough. This digital camera is trying to be smart, and works
>well with the on-camera flash, but not so well with the softbox. A
>little research should help I'd think. Were you referring to exposure
>or color? Photos can appear different on different monitors.
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