NANFA-L-- 2006 Corcoran Education Grant recipient

Christopher Scharpf (
Mon, 12 Jun 2006 23:00:38 -0400

The NANFA Corcoran Education Grant review committee has selected a
winning proposal for 2006. The winning proposal is...

Adams of Arkansas State University and the University of Central

The proposal reads, in part:

"This project is aimed-in-providing information to the general public
about North American cave fishes in a dynamic, interacting way. Thus
what we propose is to develop an informational web site while providing
resources for better understanding the conservation status of these

"Because of their habitat, cave fishes are among the most endangered and
misunderstood species of fishes in North America. The public knows very
little about their biology and the threats they are facing from
over-collecting and water pollution.

"Of the approximately 100 blind cave fish species/populations that have
been reported in the literature, 19 are found in North America, 7 in the
United States and 12 in Mexico. They represent a variety of families and
almost all of them have a recognized conservation status-in-the state,
national, or international level. The most extreme of those cases in the
Alabama cavefish (Speoplatyrhinus poulsoni) whose current population is
believed to be less than 100 individuals making it one of the most
endangered vertebrates in the world.

"In addition to the information for the general public written in a language
that is accessible to all, the site will also contain additional resources
for those who would like to learn more about this topic."

NANFA will contribute $938.65 to the project.

(And for those who attended the 2005 NANFA Convention in Arkansas, you may
remember Ginny Adams; she gave a talk about the grotto sculpin.)

Chris Scharpf
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