Re: NANFA-L-- Pictures of fish from this weekend.

Dan Johnson (
Wed, 14 Jun 2006 20:49:00 -0500

At this point I'm going with Sabine Shiner. The lateral line scale
count ~30, 7 anal rays (although I'm not certain on my counting method)
and distribution seem to point to it. According Hubbs, the silver chub
occurs as an disjunct population in the Brazos drainage, which implies
absence from the San Jacinto where this guy was found. And Sabines are
recorded there.


Dave Neely wrote:
> Hey Michael,
> Have you been taking fish ID lessons from Phil? ;)
> The fish has ~30 lateral line scales, which would exclude any potential
> Moxostoma/Minytrema, and look how far forward on the body the anal fin is...
> There's no submarginal dusky streak on the lower lobe of the caudal, which
> most silver chubs (Macrhybopsis storeriana) have... I think Tom was on the
> right track, my vote is for Sabine shiner, Notropis sabinae.
> cheers,
> Dave
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