Re: NANFA-L-- Pictures from fish collected this weekend

Dan Johnson (
Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:26:51 -0500


No, I meant 1.5"-2". But we are talking about the same species. They
get really big. But they are really cute right now...


Sinclair wrote:
> Dan:
> You give Flathead Catfish as 1.5"-2". Did you mean 1.5'-2'? The
> only Flathead Catfish listed in my handy Page & Burr is species
> Pylodictis olivaris-in-length "to 61 inches."
> Can the the fish you located be a different species than shown at
> I will be passing through the Houston area on I-10 in about two weeks,
> and if there are small truly 1.5"-2" catfish as shown in your photographs,
> I might seek out a few for my home aquaria.
> Thanks for clearing this up for me.
> Bob Sinclair
> Santa Barbara CA
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