RE: NANFA-L-- is there a north American option for algae

Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 08:12:13 -0400

Peter, I don't feed flake food, so I don't know. They readily take HBH Soft n
Moist pellets and Hikari Carnivore Pellets that I feed.



From: on behalf of Peter Unmack
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Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- is there a north American option for algae control?

On Tue, 20 Jun 2006, Crail, Todd wrote:

> I always keep stonerollers, but that's because I think they're interesting.

Todd, do your stonerollers come up to the surface much to eat flake food?
Jake Schaffer mentioned that the clear finned Oklahoma ones never would
come to the surface. I've mostly kept the redfinned ones from that part
of the world and they come to the surface very readily. I've never had
much luck keeping clearfinned fish from TX and OK. They just never seem
to really adjust to eating flake food. I've had a couple make it for a
fair while, but in most cases they only last a couple months or so.

Anyone else have any observations like this? The fish I've always kept
have been the species anomalum, which of course is actually several
species. I've never messed with oligolepis (which is also several

Peter Unmack
Salt River, Arizona
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