Re: NANFA-L-- is there a north American option for algae

Robert Carillio (
Wed, 21 Jun 2006 10:54:53 -0700

One thing I want to comment about the flake food.....

To find the higher quality flake foods which are fresher ands have better
nutritional value, I prefer staying away from bigger commercial brands. They
sell their food on lots of marketing and pretty ads, and the nutrition is
secondary. During the time I ran the small custom aquarium/maintenance shop,
there was a new food introduced to the independent dealer market, called
"Aquadine", supposedly crafted by fish nutritionists. It was a thicker
flake, so it held up well in the water without dissolving all the nutrients
in the water.

What I liked about the concept behind the distribution of this food, was
that by selling it in re-usable containers, it encouraged recycling, and
incentive for the customer to bring it back to the store through a discount
on the food. In addition, one could "custom mix" their own food, according
to what kind of fish they had.. (example: carnivore, herbivore, omnivore,
community, tropical, cold water, etc) It cost a bit more, but the results of
the healthy fish were worth it, and they actually needed to be fed less
because more nutrition was utilized. To top it all, Stonerollers used to
love this stuff above the other flake foods. This food is still available in
select shops. (no pet superstores, etc)

Rob C.
Mahoning River Drainage,
Ohio, N.A.
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