NANFA-L-- Tub breeding event

matt ashton (
Sat, 24 Jun 2006 21:01:10 -0700 (PDT)

Well first thanks to Gerald Pottern for sending me fish last October. I had a pair of golden topminnow, a pair of flagfish, and about 5 banded pygmy sunfish in a heavily planted 5 gallon for about a year growing them up to maturity. About two or three weeks ago I all of them into a 15 gallon plastic tub out on a patio of a friends house. It was FULL of elodea, pondweed, some other various plants I had taken from the Hiwassee River. I let it all sit for a week or two prior to putting the fish into grow out food before I put the fish in. I was putting in some water this afternoon because it was a little low and clearing some of the scum off the surface and was curious to see what live inverts were still growing. So I skimmed the surface with a cup and low and behold a few fry. VERY small too. A few more skims fo the surface and several fry each time. So my first tub experience is a success, yet I have no clue what of the three species I have.


Cookeville, TN
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