Re: NANFA-L-- Final 2005 Water garden Sunfish tally

Irate Mormon (
Tue, 01 Nov 2005 19:40:30 -0500

Quoting George W Corben <>:

> Feeling proud that is
> ,until I posted the notice of my results and immediately began receiving
> criticism for returning fish to their stream of origin.

Your experience is not unique, George, and I see some new posters to the list
who are surprised as well. Every time a newcomer reports releasing his fish, 3
or 4 people jump on him. Gently in most cases. List veterans are sensitive to
the poster's feelings, but still, to have that many people tell you that you're
WRONG(!), sometimes quite bluntly, is a bit overwhelming. We need to have a
better way to present the topic so it doesn't seem like we're accusing people of
being cognitively challenged or what have you. Like maybe a footer in all list
mail or something like that.


"You can stop kicking this dead whale down the beach and find another hobby
horse to beat to death."
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