Re: NANFA-L-- Winter breeding prep again

matt ashton (
Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:07:34 -0800 (PST)

I love my Flagfish too! I got some in the mail last month, put them in a 5 gal with a few E. zonatum fry packed with elodea, java moss, and some other local plants that look like java moss and they have taken off in size and color. I rarely see them so I'm not sure my sex ratio and I'm not too concerned about spawning but there is nothing more that I enjoy right now than seeing a Flagfish poke out of one of the holes in the elodea clumps and grab my attention away from the TV up above.

I am conditioning a 20 long with 3 (2 F 1 M) YOY Bloodfin Darters in hopes of getting a spawn out of them. I had a pair in a larger tank that were large individuals doing some crazy courting behaviour in the cracks of large rocks a few weeks ago but a parasite got brought into my tank from some other fish and those were unfortunately the first to go. I have alot of small flat slabs stacked underneath my power filter and they seeme to spend most of their time in the cracks of that.

Cookeville, TN
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