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The major percentage of the discharge was going out between Maumee and Ewing
Island because it had a more contained fall (instead of trying to get over
that whole flat in the mainstem), rushed out rocks that were loose, and made
a single fast riffle, while the mainstem area was too wide, flat and porus.
I mean it was really hauling through there-in-White Street. I walked WAY
upstream, out of the faster current, coming back. I'd rather be in chest
deep water that's barely moving than knee deep water blowing over loose,
periphyton covered rocks.

Wanna see something really neat? There was a rainstorm early in the morning
of the 6th when the storm blew through. This will also show you how flashy
the Maumee is :O

USGS for Waterville:

USGS for Defiance:

It's actually controlling the water level even _above_ the rapids-in-Side
Cut / Buttonwood as it all rushed out because it exceeded the discharge for
the watershed! I had never thought of those kinds of implications. We were
only-in-1000 cf/s-in-Waterville, it totally dumped when the water went out,
and it took almost a day for the watershed to catch back up! It's amazing
to me that it got rid of that much water, that fast. And really, it begs to
ask, did the watershed catch up, or did the pool just come back and let it
behave normally? Prolly both.

I should explain for those not from NW Ohio... :)

** Lake Erie is normally-in-572 ft above sea level.
** Maumee, Perrysburg and Ewing Island are-in-about River Mile 10, and at
normal pool, still-in-572 ft above sea level.
** Side Cut / Buttonwood are-in-about RM 13. The "rapids"-in-this junction
are just high enough that the Lake,-in-normal fluctionations, has no effect
on water level above the rapids. The pool level above these rapids is
around 579 ft above sea level.
** Waterville, is-in-RM 20, and is-in-595 ft above sea level.
** Defiance is around RM 40 and-in-658 ft above sea level.

That might paint a little better picture. Might also tell you how FLAT it
is here lol.


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> Todd,
> So you were able to cross from the Maumee side of the river to the
> Perrysburg side of the river? Was there a deeper channel-in-some
> point? What was the deepest water you encountered while crossing?
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