NANFA-L-- Tate's Hell Riddles... winner and answers
Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:42:02 EST

congratulations to scott schlueter...
he was the first responder w/ all the correct answers.
scott... how about a nanfa 2005 arkansas shirt if you can wear a med or
ranger bob also got all correct answers tho im giving him a tortoise for
turtle. :)
and laura you missed the first one. :( sponge?

I live in the roots and tangles where i began,
I was as most then a pore was rearranged.
Now im ready to start life anew,
And into these tangles i will spit and spew.

Pirate Perch ( recent issue of American Currents )

I live in the water and reach to the sky,
My knees are dirty but are usually quite dry.
My color is spring green but when the sun swings low,
I lose all that help me grow.

Bald Cypress

Oh tired and weary little traveler,
Here is a friend or so they call her.
A sunlit vessel with dangers hidden,
Inside sweet nectar that is forbidden.
Just climb into my peaceful bell,
And of your flesh I will feed so well.

Pitcher Plant

Inside a castle is my home,
Although the walls are not made of stone.
A hole I live in to retire,
>From the raging wind of fire.
Slow and steady is my creed,
I don't have to be fast to have my needs.

Gopher Tortoise

Submerged in the sea do I dwell,
Other times a breeze can dry me well.
I live my life in a bed,
Among my kind though we will never wed.
A boring life one without feet,
Finally to be presented -in-a feast.

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