RE: NANFA-L-- Todd, how about some northern pike locales

Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Tue, 22 Nov 2005 20:58:24 -0500

It's very spotty in Ohio. A lot of pike are caught as bicatch fishing for the
newly invigorated bass fishery of Lake Erie (which is worth checking out if
you have the means). The Raisin and Huron up in Michigan are your first
choices going northward, and can easily be done by canoe, but really... I
think you're better off going on north of Ann Arbor. The range gets pretty
solid up there, and it's not so much hit or miss. I think they're fairly
common in the St Joseph, Kalamazoo, Grand and other western streams. I know
folks who've cussed them up and down on the Au Sable for stealing their prized
trout. But yeah... It's a north country adventure any which way. If you want
to be sure, you're going to have to go to Michigan.



From: on behalf of Mike Austin
Sent: Tue 11/22/2005 8:33 PM
Subject: NANFA-L-- Todd, how about some northern pike locales


Being from the Toledo area ya gotta be familiar with some northern pike
streams. I am not talking Sandusky River or Maumee River about
the smaller tribs...there has to be some that are chalked full of 25" to 30".
I am on a quest to stalk a few with the long rod and I know I don't have to go
to Canada to do it....


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