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Crail, Todd (tcrail-in-UTNet.UToledo.Edu)
Thu, 24 Nov 2005 20:32:17 -0500

Well.... Let's not go that far lol. Esp since there's a Mussels of Ohio
floating somewhere in press... and the fact that I still have trouble with
_some_ specimens of round and wabash pigtoes when they co-occur... and they're
not even in the same freakin' genus ;)

Yeah. When you say it that way, it sounds like we're stompin' on some valves,
and I ain't about to do any of that. I may be known as Todd "Makin' Friends
with the Faculty" Crail. But my toe steppin' is highly endemic to Toledo
faculty who need occasional reminders that they're, um, in Toledo.

This is what makes the DIY project for the Maumee appealing... There's very
little synonomy, species are very distinct, and we can always find pigtoes
that are REALLY flava or REALLY sintoxia. The muckets are nicely inflated,
the kidneyshells are really compressed. Once you get over that beak thingie
in floaters, creepers, and papershells, you're golden! I think I'd rip my
hair out if I had to do Alabama. Heck, I think I'd rip my hair out if I had
to do the Scioto or Muskingum without _said author_ of up and coming Mussels
of Ohio telling me what was what :) Hopefully some collaboration like that
can materialize out of the work we do with our ol' Muddy Maumee.

Pumpkin Pie Madness!


From: on behalf of Bruce Stallsmith
Sent: Thu 11/24/2005 3:39 PM
Subject: RE: NANFA-L-- freshwater mollusc pages

So you're aiming-in-a "Mussels of Ohio" book? Sounds good to me... hopefully
it would complement the Tennessee book. The worst part would be cutting
through the synonymy.

--Bruce Stallsmith
along the Tennessee
Huntsville, AL, US of A
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