Re: NANFA-L-- precocious Green Sunfish

George W Corben (
Sun, 27 Nov 2005 21:40:55 -0600

Hello Todd,
You know Sunfish behavior well! The young Greens acted tame by
the 3rd day in the 29 gal. aquarium and were very much aware that the big
ugly thing that approached their tank meant food was about to be
delivered. All of the fish are well fed, and probably overweight, but act
like they are starving when I approach and rush to the surface in a
frenzy! The one Lepomis Humilius in the tank still has its self respect
and doesn't join the surface frenzy but is now eating well and growing.

I normally siphon off about 4 gal. while cleaning the gravel
every Sunday afternoon but decided to postpone that chore this week until
I know what is in the Green nest.

Green Sunfish ( Lepomis Cyanellus ) were much more prolific in my
watergarden this year than the Longears (Lepomis Megalotis ). There were
5 Longear nests and 3 Green nests but I recovered 39 Longear young and
182 Green. The watergarden now contains only Longear and Orange Spotted
Sunfish so Im hoping next season will have better Longear results. I am
also over wintering some large pots of Pickrell rush , Giant Arrowhead ,
hybrid Cattail and Parrots Feather in the pond so I hope that alot of
"critters" will overwinter with them and provide food for next seasons
Sunfish fry .

George in Kansas
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