Re: NANFA-- Long ear and rainbow photos
Mon, 4 Aug 2003 09:05:08 EDT

In a message dated 8/3/03 8:15:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
I would say redfin darter.
> >

dang... why so much disagreement on this darter. if bob says it is a rainbow
darter... why it must be! its got garold's name on it too.
from the diagonal markings and the trident shape on the caudal it looks
rainbow to me. but then the snout nose looks much more blunted than im use to. mud
dorsal fins are a little odd too. could be the photo.
i saw bunchs of rainbows in a little stream yesterday. must be a good year
for them there. every step in the shallow gravel run would send a dozen or more
forward. a few very nice males too.
we were out catching crawdads for the cement pond, just kinda playing around.
my little girl and i caught a red eye rock bass on a mangled gambusia using
one of those stubby toy fishing pools. pretty cool catch. we caught it right
where i figured. the snorkling observations really yield where the fish will be
while standing on a bank. :)
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