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Hoover, Jan J ERDC-EL-MS (
Tue, 5 Aug 2003 13:29:53 -0500

Gay wrote:
>>>I just bought a package of "Triassic Triops" from Wal-Mart
Any one out there have any experience with these animals ?<<<

Jan replies:
I raise Triops for our Nature Center's annual arthropod extravaganza. They
always come through: hatching and growing right on schedule. Just follow
the directions in your kit. The company (Triops, Inc.) has really perfected
the protocol. A couple of personal tips and observations:

1. Set them up in a place where you will not have to move them or turn off
their light. I have lost animals everytime I have moved their tanks (not
matter how gently), turned off their lights (no matter how briefly), or
missed a feeding. One of the smaller Triops will get "stressed" and winds
up being cannibalized.

2. I use a 60-watt bulb (in a gooseneck lamp) positioned to keep the water
at 82-84 F.

3. One of my earlier kits discouraged any water changes (other than to
replace evaporated water). After a couple of weeks, my Triops seemed
listless. I used a turkey baster to remove water and replaced it with
distilled water kept close to the light (so it would be the same
temperature). They perked right up (and were easier to see). Afterwards, I
made it a point to change out about 20% of the water every few days.

4. Triops are short-lived. Mine thrive but only live 25-30 days. I have
not seen (or successfully reared) individuals for the 70-90 day longevities
mentioned in some kits and references.

5. There is an excellent book on Triops that is funny, informative, and
kid-friendly. When it was first published in 1995 it contained eggs and
food. Those original copies are still available from used book dwealers and
the eggs are STILL viable! The book is "Instant Creature - The Swimming
Critters from Way Back When," from Planet Dexter Publications. The book is
beautifully and humorously illustrated by Jack Keely and touches on a
variety of related topics including - malaria, monster movies, the history
of aquariums, the ageing process, and suggestions for dealing with the death
of your Triops. I highly recommend it.
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